Setting Love Boundaries

Why Setting Healthy Boundaries In Love Is So Important


Boundaries In Love RelationshipsLove is a fire that can burn many souls. Falling in love makes people lose their reasoning and do foolish things. Up to a point, this behaviour is normal. One gives, the other one takes and sometimes they reverse the roles. When they manage to find a balance in their relationship, everything goes well for while. Nonetheless, it may happen that one of the partners gives more, while the other may claim even more love, attention and favours. This can create an uncomfortable atmosphere is which both partners feel like they lose something with each and every day that passes.

By setting healthy boundaries in love, right at the start, you can avoid falling into the trap of becoming only a half of person. You can love someone to bits, yet this doesn’t mean you have to give up your values and your mission in life. Sacrifice isn’t love, so neither of the two partners should feel their relationship is a sacrifice. When this happens, they can become a burden to each other.

Luckily, avoiding this unhealthy pattern is easy, provided that you set your healthy boundaries in your love relationship. You need to have a talk in which to agree upon these boundaries and then to commit to respecting them. We have to love ourselves regardless of the fact that we also love another human being. If we feel that a certain activity or endeavour brings fulfillment in our life, we should pursue it, with or without a partner by our side.

Loving Man And Woman

As a partner in a couple, you also have to invite your sweetheart to define healthy boundaries. You can agree together upon things that none of you have to compromise on. A life together has meaning only if it makes both of you better. If it lowers your quality as human beings, if it forces you into unhealthy decisions and the abandonment of your core values, this relationship is not healthy and has to come to an end, preferably sooner rather than later.

Remember that a relationship should feel like a comfortable glove and not like a pair of handcuffs. Whenever you feel pain, you have to sit and redefine your healthy boundaries. As relationships are as dynamic as the individuals involved in them, such re-evaluations are needed every now and then, the purpose being to set you on the right track again.

Commitment Problems In Relationships

Afraid Of Commitment In Love

Commitment In Love

Today more than ever, you hear about couples who are only together for a short time. Commitment seems to be missing from many relationships. For some people, the very word commitment is a frightening prospect that they simply can’t comprehend.

With so many reality shows on television touting the lifestyle of the single dating crowd, it’s no wonder so many people struggle to base their relationships on commitment and love.

In order to have a committed relationship, a couple must first have an understanding of what they believe true commitment is. For one couple it might mean not associating with members of the opposite sex alone. For another, it might mean being faithful and loyal to their lover.

Regardless of the definition, it’s up to each individual couple to define their own personal belief with one another. A committed relationship is usually monogamous. It is not a ‘love triangle’. It is one man and one woman.

For anyone who is unsure of their relationship, the very word commitment is a no go. There is no way that they could be committed if one or the other in the couple is unsure.

A relationship takes time to build it up. It takes knowing a person well before they can be committed. It is all about believing in that person. If this phase is rushed it can be very damaging to the relationship. Most people get that they can’t be committed if they don’t know the other person well.

If a person is holding on to the desire for ‘something better’ they are going to be afraid of commitment. If they have been hurt in the past they may also be afraid of commitment. They may have misgivings and be fearful that the past will repeat itself.

When a person is afraid that the past will repeat itself, they are often looking for love in the wrong places. They are choosing the same types of partner over and over. In order to break the cycle, they need to sit down and write out what they want in a relationship and go find that.

True commitment will come naturally if a person is ready for it. It won’t be something that they even have to consider. If a person is afraid of commitment, they need to sit down and analyse what they are really afraid of. If they are afraid something better will come along, they may not be with the right person to begin with.

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Giving Each Other Space

Why You Should Respect Each Other’s Privacy in Love

Privacy In LoveIf you are currently in a serious relationship where both of you are willing to commit to one another, it is still important to respect each other’s privacy. While the two of you should share different things with one another, your partner does not have to tell you everything. Instead, you should have no problem trusting the person you are with, knowing that your boyfriend or girlfriend would not cheat on you.

Some people who have trust issues because of things that happened to them in past relationships will get into a new relationship and continue to have a lack of trust. They may want to go through the cell phone, tablet and even computer of the person they are dating to see every last thing they are doing. However, it is not the right action to take. If you cannot trust the one you are dating, you should not date them until you learn to trust.

If you are starting to feel worried or have some concerns about possible cheating going on, do not go snooping around to try to find things out on your own. You should ask to sit down with your boyfriend or girlfriend and have a serious conversation. Some people assume the worst when their partners are busy, simply because they are not getting the attention they would normally receive. It is better to just be upfront and ask if your partner is seeing someone else than to start looking through all of their electronic devices.

Loving Couple In Deep Conversation

When two people are serious enough to commit to one another, there is no reason to invade each other’s privacy. You two should have no problem being honest with one another. After all, the point of being in a committed relationship is to have respect, trust and loyalty for each other at all times.

Taking Chances In Love

Love Requires Taking Chances

Love Risks

Have you ever heard anyway say that love is easy? If you have, they are not being honest with you at all. The reality is that having love and allowing yourself to love someone, takes a certain amount of risk. There really are no guarantees and you will be very disappointed if you approach any relationship believing that there is.

People never get into relationships and start loving others with the intention of ever breaking up. With that said, there is always a chance that things will not turn out as planned. A change in circumstances can result in someone not feeling as loving towards someone as they used to.

One example of this is the instance of falling in love with someone who is extremely overweight. They may be the most caring and loving person around and you may fall head over heels for them despite their girth. What happens if this person decides to get weight loss surgery? There are many people who abandon their partners once they shed the extra pounds since they feel they can maybe get someone better.

This is why you have to be careful when trying to decide who is deserving of your love. You should not allow trivial things like good looks and financial stability to help you make this determination. If the looks and money are no longer there, will you or they feel the same? This is a very shallow view of love and if you share this view you may find yourself without a partner for a long time.

Another reason that love is about taking chances is the fact that you can find love in places you never expected. For example, there are Christians out there who have found love with people who have a different faith. In fact, there are even some who are in relationships with atheists. The idea is to learn to accept one another and take a chance on it. In the end, you may find the best love ever known.

If you think that love is a given or a guarantee, you are wrong on so many levels. You have to be willing to cross your fingers, make a wish and hope for the best. Being unwilling to do this, means that you may end up alone and single while everyone around you is basking in the love they have.