Why Setting Healthy Boundaries In Love Is So Important


Boundaries In Love RelationshipsLove is a fire that can burn many souls. Falling in love makes people lose their reasoning and do foolish things. Up to a point, this behaviour is normal. One gives, the other one takes and sometimes they reverse the roles. When they manage to find a balance in their relationship, everything goes well for while. Nonetheless, it may happen that one of the partners gives more, while the other may claim even more love, attention and favours. This can create an uncomfortable atmosphere is which both partners feel like they lose something with each and every day that passes.

By setting healthy boundaries in love, right at the start, you can avoid falling into the trap of becoming only a half of person. You can love someone to bits, yet this doesn’t mean you have to give up your values and your mission in life. Sacrifice isn’t love, so neither of the two partners should feel their relationship is a sacrifice. When this happens, they can become a burden to each other.

Luckily, avoiding this unhealthy pattern is easy, provided that you set your healthy boundaries in your love relationship. You need to have a talk in which to agree upon these boundaries and then to commit to respecting them. We have to love ourselves regardless of the fact that we also love another human being. If we feel that a certain activity or endeavour brings fulfillment in our life, we should pursue it, with or without a partner by our side.

Loving Man And Woman

As a partner in a couple, you also have to invite your sweetheart to define healthy boundaries. You can agree together upon things that none of you have to compromise on. A life together has meaning only if it makes both of you better. If it lowers your quality as human beings, if it forces you into unhealthy decisions and the abandonment of your core values, this relationship is not healthy and has to come to an end, preferably sooner rather than later.

Remember that a relationship should feel like a comfortable glove and not like a pair of handcuffs. Whenever you feel pain, you have to sit and redefine your healthy boundaries. As relationships are as dynamic as the individuals involved in them, such re-evaluations are needed every now and then, the purpose being to set you on the right track again.