Love Requires Taking Chances

Love Risks

Have you ever heard anyway say that love is easy? If you have, they are not being honest with you at all. The reality is that having love and allowing yourself to love someone, takes a certain amount of risk. There really are no guarantees and you will be very disappointed if you approach any relationship believing that there is.

People never get into relationships and start loving others with the intention of ever breaking up. With that said, there is always a chance that things will not turn out as planned. A change in circumstances can result in someone not feeling as loving towards someone as they used to.

One example of this is the instance of falling in love with someone who is extremely overweight. They may be the most caring and loving person around and you may fall head over heels for them despite their girth. What happens if this person decides to get weight loss surgery? There are many people who abandon their partners once they shed the extra pounds since they feel they can maybe get someone better.

This is why you have to be careful when trying to decide who is deserving of your love. You should not allow trivial things like good looks and financial stability to help you make this determination. If the looks and money are no longer there, will you or they feel the same? This is a very shallow view of love and if you share this view you may find yourself without a partner for a long time.

Another reason that love is about taking chances is the fact that you can find love in places you never expected. For example, there are Christians out there who have found love with people who have a different faith. In fact, there are even some who are in relationships with atheists. The idea is to learn to accept one another and take a chance on it. In the end, you may find the best love ever known.

If you think that love is a given or a guarantee, you are wrong on so many levels. You have to be willing to cross your fingers, make a wish and hope for the best. Being unwilling to do this, means that you may end up alone and single while everyone around you is basking in the love they have.